Monday, August 18, 2008

Expression II

I repeatedly try to stop my hands,
Prevent them from exposing me so much,
But the number of verses simply expands
And my ascending scales the heaven touch.
For how long can the sun remain concealed?
It emerges by splendor, not by chance,
Trespassing every cloud that be a shield,
Just as my feeling shines through every sense.
I may attack the emotions where they rest
Suppressing all the symptoms that take shape;
Although carefully locked up in the chest
Eventually they find a way to escape.
When there's something piercing me so deep
Are syllables and notes the tears I weep.

Metre: Italian hendecasyllable

Demian Martins©2008 copyrighted in the National Library,Brazil

1 comment:

  1. Your poems also "emerge by splendor", Demian, and they do "pierce [the reader also] so deep".