Monday, August 18, 2008


My friend, what can repression do?-You ask.
At least, it keeps me breathing.-I may say.
As at the cost of life I have a task
This is in no respect a common play.
By just bluffing, this war cannot be won,
I admit, but the proper time is now!
Not a single decision must be wrong
If I desire to die before my vow.
So, even if my chest is never still
I will bear it, not paying any heed,
Immovable, no matter what I feel,
For due to my mistake I have to bleed:
I could not keep my eyes on the right face
Now I can't disentangle from this lace.

Metre: Italian hendecasyllable

Demian Martins©2008 copyrighted in the National Library,Brazil

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