Monday, August 18, 2008

To Kshira-cora Gopinatha

After melting, I wanted the flame low,
Trying to stir where the heart and the soul meet,
But it was hard to check an overflow-
A vain attempt to make for You a sweet...
I saw myself splashing all around
And expected that nothing would be left,
Still, inside a remaining part was found
And once again the danger of a theft!
Crystallizing, while putting out the flame,
Came back to life, but never as before
-A whimsical result, and cause of shame-
Even though it's not milk, I have to implore:
Please, quickly steal my heart, though very dense
So that nobody else may have this chance.

Metre: Italian hendecasyllable

Demian Martins©2008 copyrighted in the National Library,Brazil

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  1. I wrote this sonnet in Remuna, Orissa, in January of 2004.