Monday, August 18, 2008


There’s no doubt: The Lord will surely kill
But just see - also Ravana will do !
I really cannot trust in my own will
Bewildered, though the options are just two...

I have before my eyes this or that way
But in any case, suffering is my fate
The final result time alone will say
For now, determination must be great.

If I silently die by Rama’s shoot
That would be really glorious for my image
And it would end all problems by the root

However, the dilemma so far stands
-I can’t even keep silence on this page-
My heart insists on dying in the wrong hands.

Metre:Italian hendecasyllable

© copyrighted in the National Library,Brazil

1 comment:

  1. Marica was ordered by Ravana to go and cheat Sri Rama. If he refuses, Ravana would kill him. If he goes ahead, Rama would kill him. Thus, it was just a matter of deciding by whom to be killed. So is life... But amazingly we still hesitate to be killed by Rama!